About Alica

Alicia was born unexpectedly 10 weeks premature on 30/01/2003. She was cared for on the neonatal unit at St Mary’s hospital Portsmouth for 7 weeks, during her first few days of life she suffered a haemorrhage to her brain, which resulted to her being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain).

At just 6 months old Alicia underwent surgery to insert a vp shunt into her head to take control of the hydrocephalus.

These medical conditions have left Alicia needing 24hour care, which her parents Lee and Sharon undertake. Alicia also has epilepsy and global development delay.

Alicia has 3 siblings, Kayleigh and twins Courtney and Scarlett. Despite her disabilities Alicia is a very happy princess. Due to her physical disability Alicia suffers daily pain and discomfort in all her limbs and muscles. She has various medications to help but intense therapies would help ease these discomforts that disturb her sleep on a daily basis.

Our fundraising is a continuous battle to purchase vital equipment and therapies to help Alicia live as normal a life as we can.